Kronos Notebook

An interactive computational Python environment bundled as a convenient Mac App.
See also – Kronos Notebook for Haskell

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Combine Python code, text, mathematics, and rich media in a single document.

Based on IPython Notebook, Kronos provides
  • a beautiful notebook environment for editing and documenting code
  • a design tailored for exploratory programming and data analysis
  • a Mac-native user interface
  • an easy interface for external package installation
  • easy file management and exporting to multiple formats
The Kronos app window
Kronos Features

Enter Python code into code cells. Evaluating the code cells yields the output of the code right below.

A fibonacci function definition

You can mix code cells with Markdown cells, which can also render LaTeX-styled mathematics using MathJaX.

A cell with mathematics in Markdown

Using libraries such as matplotlib, you can quickly create professional-looking graphics and plots.

Plotting with matplotlib
Images and Animations

With Pillow and other image libraries, you can render images and animations directly into your notebooks.

Making images with Pillow

All rich media display features can be combined with IPython's interactivity facilities to create convenient user interfaces for quick analysis and data exploration.

Interactivity with a slider widget