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Best Chatbot Examples – Using a Free Website Chat Bot

One of the most talked about new innovations in the Internet technology is that of a website chatbot, or more popularly known as Web Presence. It is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to interact and connect with users, forming a virtual personal assistant. You may ask: “What is a website chatbot and what can it do for me?” Here is a simple answer: Any information you input into the chatbot will be registered and stored in its database, ready to be referred back to anytime it is needed.

website chatbot

Website chat bots are used by website owners to create discussion groups or chats about frequently asked questions, topics, and even tutorials. It is very easy to use and has many advanced features. It also comes with a built-in database, which keeps track of all the conversations that are taking place in the bot. The most popularly used chatbot types are the following:

There is a website chatbot example for pizza in New York City, a chatbot for ordering take-out, a bot for real estate in San Francisco, and even a bot to order books in Chicago. The pizza bot has a large variety of recipes from various New York city pizzerias and allows users to make their own order based on their preference. When the user inputs his/her preferred ingredients, then the bot searches the database to find the corresponding pizza. Once an order is confirmed, the bot sends it to the company in question, and even lets them know how delicious the pizza was.

If you want a chatting bot that is capable of handling multiple conversations at once, then the first one you should look out for is Web Presence. Like the name suggests, this particular bot is specifically designed to manage conversations in forums and other venues. You can use it by entering a website address and then typing chatbot. The chat bots supports most major forums, and even some lesser known ones. There are many free Web Presence examples available online. Once you get a feel of what works best for your website, then you can move onto the more advanced features.

Another of the website chatbot examples that is quite popular is the audio chat bot. These are actually pretty good as far as conversing with people is concerned. These examples are programmed to play back in random while still in the message. For instance, if you say something like “I need to talk to Bob” and then the bot plays back the audio, then you’ve just captured your customer’s attention. This will work really well if you have a customer that keeps adding information to your blog or website.

If you’re looking for one of the best chatbot examples, then you might want to check out the ones that can be used as email greeters. These are actually pretty useful especially if you’re doing sales or want to send out personal messages to your regular customers. The text-to-speech feature is also very helpful when you want to give out greetings to your employees. This way, it is easier for them to know what is going on since they don’t have to read the entire message. They can just listen to the Bot and do what you want.

One of the best chatbot example applications available is the Capital One chat bot. Capital One is actually an application that uses artificial intelligence to help its users in forming better forms of conversations. One of the things that the bot was designed to do was to help users form better relationships with other people. In fact, Capital One has many different artificial intelligence programs such as the Newsreader, the NewsBot, and the Image Analyst. These three programs work together with the voice recognition feature to allow users to form sentences with proper punctuation and sentence capitalization that can be easily understood. When the robot was released commercially in the third quarter of 2021, it was immediately successful and has been receiving great reviews ever since.

Now, you might be wondering what exactly is a conversation bot? It is essentially a program that you can use in order to have automated conversations with other people. Although it is very similar to what we call a personal assistant, the difference is that a personal assistant can respond to an inquiry or make a decision based on facts and data while a bot will simply react to whatever you are saying. However, you can still tell the difference between a conversation bot and a normal IM. A personal assistant will ask questions and will generally just respond with whatever the user says, whereas a bot will continue to talk even if the user says something else. Therefore, if you want to get the best chatbot examples, you should search for programs that let you see both the prompts and the actual conversations that take place.

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