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Chat Bot Examples – What Are These Efficient Bots?

A chatbot is simply a software program used to run an instant on-line chat session via text or voice-to-voice, rather than giving direct contact with another person. In simple terms, it is a tool that allows its user to chat with other users located anywhere in the world. This means that you can chat with your friend in China, and chat back to her in the United States without ever leaving your chair. This is the beauty and convenience of chat bots. They have literally taken chat rooms from being virtual places to actual places where people meet and interact.

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This type of bot was originally developed for the purposes of assisting chat users in having easy access to chat bot users located abroad, without needing to put up with long distance charges for international phone calls and long shipping times for international packages. Today, chat bot developers are working hard to incorporate a wide variety of features into their programs, ranging from simple text messaging functions to actually interacting with one another through text or voice-to-voice conversions. The possibilities for what a chat bot can be used for are virtually endless. This is why artificial intelligence is starting to be applied to help such technologies evolve.

One application in which chat bots are set to revolutionize the way we communicate is in the area of online competitions and such. We have all participated in hundreds of thousands of these chat bot.l.. Competition tournaments and won some, while others we did not win, but didn’t really care because we were using automated programs that did the work for us.

However, there is one question that remains – Can you win the game if you are not in the chat room? Yes, you certainly can. Today, there are bots specifically built for bot-versus-chat room competition. These programs enable the user to enter any type of chat room, no matter whether it’s private or public. The user can then determine the rules and parameters and allow the bot to play out the scenario itself, taking it from there.

Another question lies in the area of group dynamics. Say you are in a large group of friends or contacts, all of whom wish to contact one another via instant messengers such as Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger.. You might want to send them each an instant message or SMS message containing whatever it is you’d like to say. Well, with a chat bot, you can easily do this..

How about a prize contest? Say you are hosting a holiday party, and one of your guests’ wishes to enter a prize contest. For example, he or she may want to win a digital camera. So you have created a message that invites all such guests to enter their names and email addresses in order to receive a certain prize. Now you have to instruct your chat bots to go about looking for these recipients. This task is quite easy, since many of these bot programs already have databases of valid email addresses of people wishing to win the prize.

All these chat bot examples demonstrate just how well-advanced artificial intelligence and the use of data are today. No longer are programmers limited to mere text commands. Today’s chat bots can engage in all sorts of conversations, and since they’ve been programmed to perform specific tasks, they can even predict which conversations they should initiate. Indeed, some chat bots may be so smart that they’ll actually start conversations based on pre-programmed parameters.

The bottom line is that we now live in a world where the bot has become an integral part of our everyday communication. In fact, many businesses and individuals use chat bots as tools for business purposes. Since chat Bots are now more affordable and available, more people are taking advantage of its convenience, while others simply use it for fun and entertainment.

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