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Facebook Chat Bot – An Unbiased Look At The Product

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Facebook Chat Bot – An Unbiased Look At The Product

Many people will be familiar with the Facebook chat bot “chat bots” or “robotlords”. This automated tool has been a thorn in the sides of many marketers. The main problem is that they are a spam machine – spreading across the internet without any user choice or ethics. It is easy to see why these programs are so controversial.

A bot is a program which performs a task and communicates with a user through either text Voice over IP (IP) or a custom bot system. Messenger Bot is one of the latest Facebook messenger bot applications. It allows users to create customised pages for their profiles. These pages can include any content you want – including links, ads, polls, comments and anything else you can think of. In essence it is a small but powerful program that sits on the user’s side and performs certain functions for them.

So what is so unique about the Facebook chat bot? Firstly, the bot is actually not a program in itself. It is essentially a website/application which connects users with others via Facebook. In other words, the bot acts as a human moderator who decides what is acceptable in terms of content and what is not. In short, the Facebook messenger bot is like a social media presence for your business.

But there is more to the story. Unlike most software that exists on the internet today, Messenger Bot is not controlled by any particular company or product manufacturer. Instead, it was designed and developed by a team of Carnegie Mellon University alumni. The aim of this software is to provide a useful service for users, and not to make money from doing so.

So how does this bot work exactly? Before I go into detail about the inner workings of Messenger Bot, I want to point out a fact that may surprise some people. The software uses a server (a small network of computers) instead of using a client-server architecture. This means that unlike most software which exist on the internet today, the interactions between a Messenger Bot and a user’s computer is not limited to a single communication channel.

This is in contrast to chat bots, which can and will reply to messages sent to it by one or more users. Messenger Bot, however, will only do this if it believes the user has consent to do so. For those who have yet to experience the versatility of Messenger Bot, it is time you give it a try. You may find it not only useful but also a lot of fun. If nothing else, I am sure you will agree that Facebook can never get old.

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