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French Sea Salt Fleur De Sel

french sea salt

French Sea Salt Fleur De Sel

One of the most sought-after sea salts in the world is French sea salt, or Fleur de Sel. This all-natural, hand-harvested variety is widely renowned as the “flower of the sea”. It is the perfect complement to any gourmet meal, especially in the cooking of French cuisine. Its natural qualities make it an exceptional addition to the table. Also known as the flower of salt, this kind of sea powder is harvested only in France.

The most common salt in the world is typically table salt. However, there are some exceptions. In France, fleur de sel is harvested by hand. This type of sea salt is the purest available and is highly regarded as the world’s finest. Its crisp, white crystals are known as Fleur de Sel, and are harvested in shallow pools. As the name suggests, it’s produced from the Atlantic coast, which means it is the finest.

While common sea salts can be used for seasoning a variety of foods, fleur de sel has a distinctly different flavor and is more complex. Fleur de sel contains more magnesium and calcium than common salt. Its flakes are snowflake-shaped, and the sun dries it to a depth of about half an inch. This is why it’s often referred to as the finest in the world.

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