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How Bath Salts Can Relieve Muscle Pain

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How Bath Salts Can Relieve Muscle Pain

Bath salts are a popular group of herbal designer drugs made from many of the chemical compounds found in salt. The name comes from cases where the substances were disguised as bath salts, typically used as a cure for morning sickness. The bath salts, usually white in color, flakes, or crystals, tend to resemble Epsom salts, although differ chemically.

The bath salts contain a chemical called magnesium sulfate. This compound has a number of different effects on the human body. Most of the drugs have stimulant effects on the heart rate and blood pressure; however, bath salts also stimulate the brain chemicals associated with arousal, or sexual excitement. The effects of these drugs on the heart rate and blood pressure can be extremely dangerous if taken in high doses over an extended period of time, which is what most people do if they purchase them from online retailers.

It’s important to understand that bath salts are not illegal, and possessing them is not a crime in any jurisdiction. However, many jurisdictions do not have laws against this kind of advertising, which is one reason why a vast array of bath salts are sold online. The lack of legislation surrounding the drugs leaves the consumer to determine how much of these “soft” drugs to purchase, and in what quantity.

One of the most common ways to use bath salts is to treat anxiety and panic attacks. These attacks often occur during extended periods of time in which there is heightened stress, tension, and worry. The symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks are very real to the person experiencing them, often instilling a feeling of terror or fear. These symptoms can be incredibly traumatic to a person who experiences them. Many who suffer from these symptoms have found relief from the use of bath salts to calm their nerves and ease their discomfort. However, the use of bath salts has also been associated with hallucinations, which can be mistaken for actual symptoms of psychosis.

Because of the similarity between bath salts and other drugs, some who abuse them may also consider themselves to be addicted. This is a legitimate concern, because the active chemical in bath salts is similar to the chemical compounds found in certain psychoactive drugs like LSD and ecstasy. Though bath salts do not produce a high like those drugs, they do produce a similar psychological effect. Addiction is a different issue than drug addiction, however, and should be taken seriously.

Another use for bath salts is to mimic the effects of prescription medications. Though most over-the-counter drugs are considered safe, bath salts can still potentially interact with other medications. Whether it’s pain killers, prescription drugs, or an herbal supplement, it’s important to be sure that medications you take are safe, even when you use bath salts. If you are taking medications for a physical ailment, consult with your doctor before mixing bath salts with them.

Finally, bath salts can be used as a self-medication tool. Though not usually addictive, people who self-medicate with bath salts can develop cravings for the drug if they stop using the product. This is not something to be concerned about, however. If you do experience a strong craving, you can replace bath salts with an alternative substance. Some common alternatives include aloe vera, essential oils, or even sugar-free candy.

A bath salt is only really harmful if it’s been used for more than three days without the proper care. Though there are no reported deaths from bath salts overdose, it’s still important to keep in mind that they are not always safe to ingest. Always make sure to use bath salts with caution, and use essential oil carefully. Essential oils are considered relatively safe if they are diluted properly. With the exception of overdose, they should never be ingested. If you notice any unusual side effects or irritability, stop using the bath salt immediately and contact a physician.

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