A professional speaker is one who takes up public speaking as a profession. A keynote address is the first speech given at the beginning of a program. This sets the mood of the whole show. If the keynote speech captivates the audience, the whole program will be a success. So, a professional keynote speaker has a great job on hand. There are many tips that can be followed to become a good professional keynote speaker.

The first thing that a professional keynote speaker has to learn is to learn to give good speeches. This can be done by listening to great speakers and observing how they put their views across to the audience. The response of the audience can also be observed and the speaker can try to add all the things that will enhance the speech.

Professional speaking demands practice, practice and more practice. So, the best way to improve is to give a lot of speeches. The main point is to have a passion for speaking. This will definitely fetch results. It is also necessary to read a lot and improve one's knowledge so that he can talk about the subject on hand – effectively and convincingly.

The dress worn by the speaker is of utmost importance. You should dress in a professional manner. Effective body language should be used to pass on the message to the audience. He should try to be in the audience's shoes. He should think how they will react to all that he says. This will be the best way to assess oneself.