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Rubbermaid Closet Organizers

Rubbermaid closet organizers are designed to keep everything organized. They’ll organize everything from tangled belts and ties to matching accessories. They can even organize your broom closet! Here are some of the features of Rubbermaid closet organizers:


Whether you have a small room or a large one, you can benefit from the use of closet organizers. Not only will they maximize the amount of space in your closet, but they will also make it easier to find what you need. The most popular brand of plastic storage containers is Rubbermaid. They manufacture everything from food storage containers to general storage containers. They are known for their durability and versatility.

Closet shelving systems made by Rubbermaid do not rust, chip, or cause damage to your clothes. They are also easy to install, thanks to their easy-glide hanging rod system. This allows for a smooth transition between the ends of the rod, so your clothes are protected. The rods also don’t block the track, which makes them easy to remove and reinstall.

If you are looking to install a closet organizer quickly, you should consider purchasing a kit. These kits come with everything you need to install the system. These kits come with hardware and shelving for up to six feet. You can easily add more shelves if necessary. Rubbermaid also sells add-on kits, which allow you to customize your new system to fit your space.


Durable Rubbermaid closet organizers offer a flexible, easy-to-use system for organizing your closet. They come with adjustable hanging rods and accessory organizers. Rubbermaid also offers customization kits that add additional accessories for customizing the closet to hold specific items. If you have a small closet, a configuration kit will allow you to expand the space as needed.

In addition to their functionality, a durable Rubbermaid closet organizer can be installed in a matter of minutes. They have easy-glide hanging rod systems that enable a seamless transition between two ends of the rod system. This system also eliminates the need to unhook hangers.

These bins are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, which will allow you to customize the closet to suit your needs. They are sturdy and can hold everything from shirts to sweaters to purses and accessories. While they are very versatile, they can be quite expensive. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a closet organizer, consider buying the Home Edit bin.

While white wire shelving isn’t visually appealing, it is functional. You can store clothing on it, and then shut the door when you’re finished. The wire shelving doesn’t telescope together, and it’s typically 4 feet long. The price of the closet organizers and components are similar, but the ClosetMaid system is more customizable and offers more customization options.

The over-the-door rack is adjustable, with four metal hooks that can be adjusted to fit doors up to 1.65 inches thick. The rack’s bracket system has a locking clip that prevents it from falling. This locking clip also lasts for multiple reinstallations and changes in shelving position.


Closet organization is a great way to save space and to find things easily. Rubbermaid, a leading manufacturer of plastic storage containers, has an entire line of products for organizing your home. They are known for their quality and versatility. Regardless of your storage needs, you can find a Rubbermaid organizer that is right for your needs.

Rubbermaid also offers additional closet accessories to add functionality to your closet. You can find shoe and tie racks, as well as wire drawers and shoe holders with raised edges for easy access. And if you want something a little more versatile, you can always customize a kit for a more personalized look.

Easy to move

Rubbermaid closet organizers are built to be mobile and flexible. The four-foot configuration kit can be rearranged to maximize storage space. The open design allows you to maximize hanging and shelving space without cluttering the floor. The systems also come with extra configuration kits so you can adjust the sizes of your closet to suit your needs.

The shelves in the closet organizers will sit on arms, and hanging bars can easily be added or removed. The main shelf is at waist-height and is great for storing clothes. The two shorter shelves are perfect for folded items and storage bins. When you’re ready to move your closet organizers, you can simply unscrew the arms and move them to the new location.

Rubbermaid closet organizers are made from durable, corrosion-resistant materials. They don’t chip or rust and won’t damage clothing. They also feature an easy-glide system, which makes installation a breeze. The system allows for a smooth transition between rod ends, so your clothes don’t get snagged in the track. You can easily move your Rubbermaid closet organizers from one room to another without having to take apart your clothing.


If you’re on a tight budget but still want to organize your closet, consider purchasing one of the many Rubbermaid closet organizer kits available for purchase. These kits include basic closet organizers as well as accessories that allow you to customize them to fit your personal needs. For instance, you can add adjustable shelves or wire drawers to suit your specific needs, or you can choose the standard kits and then customize them further if you wish.

One of the best features of Rubbermaid closet organizer kits is their affordability. They come at a relatively low price, and many of them are available on the internet. You can also rent them if you don’t want to purchase them outright. If you plan to use your closet organization kits for a long time, you may want to opt for the custom metal ones. These come with sturdy racks and versatile shelves as well as hanging rods.

Another option for closet organization is the Home Edit bin. This storage solution is versatile in size and shape, and can store up to eight pairs of shoes or other mid-sized accessories. The bins are well-constructed, and there are various sizes available, making them ideal for any closet. However, the downside of buying this kind of bin is that they can be expensive if you want to make multiple purchases.

If you’re looking for a more upscale option, you may want to look into the Impressions line from ClosetMaid. This line features a sleek, modern design and comes in several finishes. The organizers come with plenty of shelving, telescoping rods, and optional shoe storage. Some of these systems also feature multiple drawers, so you can store even more items in them.

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