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The Best SEO Link Building Strategy – Why You Shouldn’t Buy Them Yourself

As a savvy Internet marketer, you know all too well about backlinks. They are essential for ranking high in the search engines. More importantly, backlinks are what separate you from the competition. One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website and increase sales is through backlinks. A well-placed backlink helps your website climb to the top of search engine results; hence, its importance to all online marketers.


Now backlinks can come in a variety of forms, ranging from text links to blog posts and one way links to directories. However, most Internet marketers focus on one method – buying backlinks. Buying backlinks is when you pay another web site to add your link to theirs in exchange for a higher-ranking position in the search engines. This can be: product endorsements, paid link placements (or even niche edits), paid advertisements or any other link you paid for to be published on another web site. This is how to buy high quality backlinks cheap, with no negative consequences.

The biggest problem with this approach is that it creates two problems. First, you are selling links. Second, your site will suffer from poor search engine rankings and consequently, low page views. The tradeoff for this is revenue and profit – the latter of which can be mitigated if your site is good enough. If your site isn’t up to par, buying low quality backlinks and expecting them to do wonders for your sales is a risky strategy.

In reality, buying backlinks from reliable web 2.0 sources does increase web traffic and helps raise page rankings in the long run. However, it is not something you should rush into if you don’t have to. There are legitimate reasons why you might want to buy backlinks, and they don’t include trying to improve your Google rankings. In fact, they include the opposite: helping your website rank better in search engines so that it can attract more visitors and ultimately, customers.

So, let’s move on to some benefits of buying quality backlinks instead of trying to improve rankings with the wrong tactics. For one thing, if you buy backlinks in bulk, you’ll usually get a discount on the price. That means your overall cost per link is lower than it would be if you were to go about it the wrong way. Buying in bulk will also ensure that all links you buy are highly relevant to your website and to your business niche. This is important because most people think highly relevant links are free, but this is a completely false statement and nothing more than a marketing term.

Another benefit of buying quality links is that they will ensure that your website has high rankings with the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It is no secret that these engines use a special algorithm to determine ranking for websites, and what they do is take a close look at a website’s content, its internal structure, and other factors that could affect page ranking. If a website has poor content, poor structure, and other similar factors that cause it to be below an average level of relevance for a given keyword, it won’t rise in the listings and will be flagged by the search engines as spam. This is where paying for high-quality backlinks can come in handy.

The bottom line is that buying backlinks from credible sites that have high page ranks is the best way to ensure that your website rises in the search engines listings. It is the best SEO link building strategy, you could possibly use if you want to increase your page ranking and attract more visitors. So, what type of backlinks are most effective? Generally, links that come from respected industry blogs or articles are considered to be high-quality backlinks. Also, buying social bookmarking sites such as Digg or Delicious is also a great idea as these sites have high page rankings themselves, and will most likely attract even more traffic if they are able to keep their users happy.

If you’re looking to buy backlinks to increase your SEO rankings, it would be wise to buy from reputable sites that already have high page rankings. Buying these backlinks can be done quite easily online, and you can get one or two backlinks sent out to your site for every 100 word or so that you write about your specific industry. The best thing about buying SEO backlinks from these high-ranking sites is that the page rankings will usually not drop as a result of your links being bought. In fact, many times the rankings will actually go up slightly, which is why you want to buy your backlinks from these high-pages instead of those that have lower page ranks. This will give your website a little extra boost in order to push past your competition.

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