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The Best Way to Organize Small Walk in Closets

There are several ways to organize small walk in closets. One way to make the most of your space is to add a coat rack. Another method is to use storage bins and hidden pockets. These ways will allow you to maximize your closet space and save space.

Adding a coat rack makes the most of your space

Adding a coat rack to your closet can make the most of the space you have available. It can also double as a hanging space for your clothes. Instead of putting your clothes on the floor, you can hang them on a special hanger made for pants. Its open-ended design allows you to slide your pants on it and hang them flat against each other. A coat rack can be placed in the bedroom or in a corner of the closet.

The coat rack provides 17 to 24 inches of additional hanging space, which you can use to hang a variety of items. It also reduces wrinkles and makes it easier to find what you need. It is particularly useful for blazers, scrubs, and fall jackets.

You can also use the space to store accessories. If the space is limited, you should store out-of-season coats in another area. For example, if you wear puffy winter coats and other bulky coats, you should store them on one side of the closet so that they don’t take up precious wall space. You can also place under-hanging storage bins under shorter items. You can also store less-frequently used jackets in garment vacuum bags.

Using baskets

Small walk in closets can be easily organized using baskets and bins. These baskets can be used for storing small items such as jewelry, belts, and clutches. The baskets can be placed in a corner to save floor space. Moreover, they can be labeled according to the type of items they contain.

When it comes to small closets, you should avoid using excessive decorations. Although these decorations are lovely, they aren’t essential. You should consider DIY projects if you want to keep your closet looking beautiful and stylish without spending a lot of money. IKEA closet organizers are a good choice if you are on a tight budget.

You can also use storage baskets to hide unsightly items. These storage baskets can also serve as vanity decor. For example, you can display a gallery of shoes in a corner of your closet. You can even place under-cabinet lighting to provide extra task lighting and a romantic feel.

Adding shelves

Adding shelves to small walk in closets is one way to maximize the space. By putting up shelves, you can organize folded clothes and shoes. You can also use bins to store small items. For a more organized look, you can also hang artwork. Here are some examples of how to add shelves to small walk in closets.

A bookcase can act as a room divider. It will help you separate the space and create a separate dressing area. You can also place a bench with a lift-up seat to hold your shoes. And a set of bins on the wall opposite the bookcase will provide additional storage space.

Another way to add shelves to a small walk in closet is to install modular shelves. These shelves have shelves on one side and a hanging rail on the other. They can be placed side by side or in an L-shape. The combination you choose should depend on the size of the space available.

Adding Lazy Susans

A Lazy Susan is an interesting storage solution that rotates around so you can easily access items stored on all sides. They are often used in kitchens for organizing small items, but they work well in closets as well. These devices also make it easy to organize your jewelry and other accessories. You can even find multi-level Lazy Susans that fit inside corner cabinets. In addition to storage solutions, Lazy Susans can also help you declutter your office space. They also help you get your morning routine done without having to go through piles of clutter.

You can find both store-bought and custom-made lazy Susans. They are available in different materials, including wood, wire, and plastic. Some of them are made for 18-inch cupboards, while others are made to fit a 20-inch cupboard. If you’re planning to use a custom-made lazy Susan, it is best to measure the inside dimensions of the cupboard before purchasing it.

Adding drawers

If you’re not sure whether you want adjustable shelves or drawers, consider adding a drawer system. Adding drawers to your walk-in closet will give you more space, and you can also keep folded items more organized. The key is to choose the right size, and make sure that the closet is designed for it.

A small walk-in closet doesn’t need to be a disaster. There are plenty of ways to make the most of the space you have. For instance, a bookcase can divide the space into separate areas. You can even install a bench seat with a lift-up top for your shoes. Another way to maximize the space is to install a chest of drawers or a pair of small cubbies.

Another way to maximize the space in a small walk-in closet is to use the wall space. Installing a dresser on one side of the room allows you to install drawers to store folded clothing. You can also add a multitier shoe rack that will store your shoes. The wall space above the dresser can be used to keep accessories like purses.

Adding shelving

One of the best ways to maximize space in a small walk in closet is to add shelving. Instead of using all of the hanging space, use shelves to store folded clothing, shoes, and more. Also, invest in some bins to hold smaller items that you may not need frequently.

One of the first steps in organizing your walk in closet is to decide how much space you want to allocate to storage. You can use open cubbies, baskets, plastic bins, cabinet storage units, and DIY shelving to make the most of the space. Open cubbies and baskets are great for most types of clothing and shoes, but closed storage solutions are best for smaller items like folded clothing.

Adding shelves can be as simple as installing hooks at the top of the closet’s walls. Then, you can install ‘S’ or ‘L’-shaped hooks on the walls and doors to help you keep your belongings organized.

Adding baskets

Adding baskets to a small walk in closet can help keep your clothing organized and provide extra storage space. Storage baskets can also be used as vanity decor. They can store unsightly items such as shoes and small accessories. You can also add labels to these storage containers. Use sturdy hooks to hang clothes and accessories, but choose removable ones if you have a small walk in closet. You can find a wide variety of hooks in different shapes, sizes, and weight capacities.

Adding shelves to small walk in closets can also help you to keep folded items organized. This will allow you to easily find what you need when you need it. Having shelves will also allow you to put together outfits faster. You can also use double rods, hanging drawers, and floor-set shoe racks for optimal closet organization. Also, add labeled bins above the hanging rods to keep your folded clothes easily accessible.

When choosing baskets for your walk in closet, make sure that the shelves and fixtures are secure. Storage bins and baskets should be easy to lift and carry. The floor should also be free of clutter and protrusions. If you don’t have a closet ladder, you can always use a small folding step ladder that comes with a handrail.

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