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The Greatest Songs About Travel

If you love travelling, there are many songs that fit the bill. One of the best-known examples is Life is a Highway, by Tom Cochrane. Another great example is Train Song, by Phish. Both of these songs have the same general theme, and fit the mood of travel the best.

Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane

Life is a Highway by Tom Cochlane is a song that was released in 1991 by Canadian country singer Tom Cochrane. This song has become one of Cochrane’s most popular singles. The song reached number one in Canada and peaked at number six on the Billboard charts the following year. It was also one of his most successful albums.

The song was inspired by a trip to West Africa. Tom Cochrane had returned to Canada from West Africa, and was mentally exhausted. He knew he needed to write an uplifting song, so he went into the studio early the next morning. Within an hour, he had written and recorded the song. The song became a worldwide hit and earned Tom Cochrane two Juno Awards, Canada’s equivalent of the Grammy Awards.

“Life Is a Highway” by Tom Cochrane is a country song about a life spent traveling. It is the perfect road trip song, and it has been covered by many incredible country artists. In the United States, it peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in August 1992. It also reached the top three in Australia and New Zealand. Rascal Flatts also covered the song, which made it one of the most popular country hits ever.

The video for Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrâne combines the lyrics with a visual tour of Canada’s rural landscapes. The video features Cochrane strumming his guitar among striking rock formations. It also features a young woman driving with him through beautiful landscapes. Cochrane also plays harmonica in the video.

End of the Line by the Traveling Wilburys

End of the Line by the Traveling Wilburs is a fun and upbeat track. The band’s members take turns singing lead, and their voices blend together in parts. The guitars jangle along to a chugging rhythm. The lyrics are a celebration of life.

In December 1988, Traveling Wilburys frontman Roy Orbison died. His death came only six weeks after the release of their debut album, The Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1. The band released a video for “End of the Line” to pay tribute to Orbison. The video showed each member of the group singing parts on the song. Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynne did not contribute vocals to the song, but Orbison did contribute the third verse.

The band formed after George Harrison’s Cloud Nine album, which had the hit “This Is Love” as the lead single. He needed a B-side for the single and thought that he could record a song with Bob Dylan. Mo Ostin, another member of The Traveling Wilburys, heard the recording and encouraged him to expand the experience into an album.

Life is a Highway by Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton is a singer-songwriter who has released two albums on major labels. Her last release, Liberman, was released in 2015. Today, she is a respected indie troubadour who enjoys touring the world. She spoke to Monica Molinaro about her career, her influences, and her favorite album.

Carlton’s debut single, “A Thousand Miles”, was her breakthrough hit and achieved top 20 status on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was also a hit in other countries, reaching number one in Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, and charted in France.

Carlton is currently writing her seventh album and is set to join Nicks on tour in the near future. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband, John McCauley, and daughter Sidney, 7. She discussed the new music that will be featured on her upcoming album. In an interview with, Carlton discussed her new music and the future plans she has for the album.

With or Without You by Jonathan Richman

The first four tracks of With or Without You are light and fluffy. The humour is twee but that’s expected from a guy who’s a bit of a child at heart. There’s a line in the song about the toothpaste cap. But there’s more than just lightness on this album.

The music is pure joy. It sounds like it was recorded right away. Jonathan Richman’s voice reflects the simplicity, joy, and amateurism of that period. Likewise, the lyrics reflect the sensitivity of the writer and the feelings he conveys. It’s all backed by Jonathan Richman’s originality and steely determination.

Jonathan Richman was considered a pioneer when he first started to write pop songs. He was influenced by other artists who came after him. Many of the members of his band, the Modern Lovers, went on to become successful in Talking Heads and Cars. Jonathan Richman’s style combines influences of early Beatles and fifties rock with influences from world music.

With or Without You is a celebration of life and love. In the title poem, “Having a Party,” Richman does not mean a party literally but rather the spirit of the author. In other poems, he ponders past eras and expresses his regret over his past career as a homewrecker. In another poem, “Monologue About Bermuda,” he makes fun of the Modern Lovers. In another poem, “1963,” he explains his rejection of city life.

With or Without You by Phish

With or Without You by Phish is one of the most evocative songs about travel. The lyrics are so complex and creative that it is almost impossible to fully understand them, but they have the power to transform common themes into extraordinary ones. As a result, the band is often misunderstood.

Phish is an American rock band, made up of four guys who met at the University of Vermont and started playing shows in the 1980s. They performed live for fifteen years until 2004 when they took a break. They regrouped in 2009 and toured for another two years. Their lead singer was caught driving while on heroin. But he eventually came clean and reunited with the band.

Phish has been touring for nearly forty years. The band has played all over the world, including Japan and Europe. Their recent European tour inspired bassist Mike Gordon to write “Train Song,” a song that reflects the rolling motion of a train. While traveling, this song instantly puts a listener at ease and will calm them during a stressful moment.

While most rock songs are four minutes long, the Phish songs have many more, and the band is known for improvising with their songs. In addition to playing the classic rock genre, the group sometimes delve into dark jams. The band is also known for its sarcastic antics. Their drummer, who is also an instrumentalist, often blows into a vacuum cleaner during a performance.

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