Carved wooden fences are a hallmark of traditional houses in the past. Today, however, high-quality, low-maintenance materials are the preferred choice for Sydney home builders and owners.

Aluminum and steel meet this standard and are not as expensive as wood. Aluminum fence of the highest quality and low maintenance property is the first choice because of its many advantages.

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Aluminum is a lightweight material that is easy to work with because of its durability. It can be placed in various shapes for decorative designs, which makes it ideal for aluminum fences.

It is softer than steel and therefore ductile, so it can be used to make long pipes. While this is a great feature for creating complex designs, it's not ideal when a tight barrier is required.

However, aluminum is a popular choice for balusters. Aluminum parapets can contain beautiful designs that enhance the aesthetics of the building structure. The material is quite strong and when combined with tempered glass makes for a safe and beautiful fencing system.

Perhaps the most positive aspect of aluminum fencing is its low maintenance cost. Aluminum does not rust or corrode even when exposed to the elements. It is ideal for marine areas or similar severe conditions where salt air corrosion occurs.