It's not every day that you find a substance called Himalayan Salt in your kitchen. There's no doubt that you've probably heard of it before, but have you actually taken the time to think about buying it?

The first thing Pink Himalayan salt isn't actually made from rock salt at all. Instead, it is created from white rock salt mined from various places close to the Himalays, sometimes in Pakistan. It has its lovely rosy color from trace minerals within the salt, including calcium, sodium and magnesium.

However, pink Himalayan salt isn't just for beauty. It can help you lose weight, too.

Sodium is one of the most common reasons why most people gain weight. In order to keep your blood sodium levels at healthy levels, there are a number of things you can do. For instance, if you're trying to lose weight, you can make a conscious effort to reduce your sodium intake. And you can do this by choosing foods that aren't high in sodium. As an alternative, you may want to opt for sodium-free alternatives.

For example, salt substitutes such as corn meal or corn starch will cut back on your sodium consumption without cutting back on your overall diet. You may also want to substitute it for regular table salt. Although, in some cases, salt may be too much for example, if you're trying to lose weight.

Himalayan salt, however, doesn't stop at helping you lose weight. It can also improve your overall health. Salt can help lower the risk of heart disease, for one thing. It also helps in your skin care and for cleaning out your kidneys. It has even been said that it can slow the aging process.

Salt also helps keep you hydrated. This can help reduce the risk of stroke and high blood pressure, and may even help with the treatment of certain diseases.

If you have ever considered Himalayan salt as a way to lose weight or improve your health, you should definitely give it a try. It may turn out to be a better alternative than you had originally thought!

But wait don't just go out and purchase some salt. There are some very important safety guidelines that you need to know about the food that you use.

For example, not all pink Himalayan salt is safe for use in cooking. It's best that you find the most natural grade of Himalayan salt.

If you think that Himalayan salt is safe to use in your recipes, it's important that you read the labels carefully. Make sure that it contains the essential minerals listed on the label.

Another important point to remember about Himalayan salt is that you must never mix it with other ingredients. If you do, you run the risk of damaging the purity of the salt.

If you want to be safe, it is recommended that you only use Himalayan salt as a garnish in your cooking. Don't try to add it to any foods that are actually being cooked, and never use it straight from the bag.

Also, never use pink Himalayan salt to make salt and sugar syrups. Salt and sugar syrups are not safe to use with Himalayan salt because the salt may destroy the crystals in the sugar.

You should always buy Himalayan salt from a reliable source. You need to know that you are buying pure, natural, unaltered salt.

Once you have found a source of pure Himalayan salt, you need to learn how to store it safely. Himalayan salt is not something that you just pour in your dishwasher it is best to let it set out in a sealed container for several days before using it.

Once the pink Himalayan salt has fully set, you should then pour it into a storage container and store it somewhere dry, away from moisture. Be sure to label the container to make sure that you are using the right type of salt.