Nearly fifty percent of the American population was affected by water-transmitted diseases. This confirms our worst suspicions.

The tap drink water is not good enough. People want their families to be safe and lead healthy lives. The best way to ensure purity is to install filters at home. You can even see UV light disinfection methods that are used for the purification of water.

UV water filter

There are many types of filtration systems. Such a system would be the ultraviolet filtration system or UV water. Ultraviolet filters are very common.

In this process of filtration, the water is passed through a special UV light source. This helps to disinfect it.

The special light source is directly immersed in the water inside a special transparent handle. This light source produces ultraviolet frequency radiation and kills all the microorganisms present.

The biggest advantage of the ultraviolet filtration method would be the fact that no chemical should be added to disinfect the fluid. You will only need the light source.


The truth about UV water filters is that it can not be used alone. He kills bacteria and nothing else. However, there are many other stages of cleaning water requirements.

UV water filters do not improve the taste either. They do not withdraw contaminants that make a very bad smell with water. They do not clean the suspension particles either.

The water is visually dirty because of dirt and dust suspended. Such water, even without germs, can not be called clean water.