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What Exactly Is Fleur De Salm Hair Dye?

fleur de sel

What Exactly Is Fleur De Salm Hair Dye?

Fleur De Lis is a flower of the sea with an unmistakable, fresh fragrance. It has a medium-sized rhizome, which contains a volatile oil with multiple identities, each of which will make a distinctive contribution to the perfume you wear. It has a medium-to-long staying power, so can last for several hours. It also has a slight saline flavor from the ocean, though it is very salty and maintains a somewhat salty taste in the mouth. It smells vaguely of bread or of bakers yeast.

The flower of salt has multiple uses. This versatility makes fleur de sel a popular choice for perfume. It is also used in lip balm, face wash, massage lotion, shampoo, shaving lotion, as well as a host of other products. Fleur De Lis is available in a wide range of scents including floral, citrus, berry, gardenia, garden, hay, leathered, meadow, marine, spicy, and vanilla. This variety of scent allows fleur de sel to fit in with almost any existing fragrance.

It should not be confused with sea salt, fleur de lis is simply a brand of salt that does not have the same quality of sea salt. Sea salt is a fine crystalline salt derived from seawater and is highly refined. It is highly processed and usually contains little, if any, trace of minerals and its commercial name is sodium chloride. You’ll never find fleur de lis in a bottle of sea salt, as it would not pass muster with health and nutrition safety standards. However, fleur de sel does pass the test, and because it has the added benefits of being all natural it is much safer than sea salt, which also has chemicals that could be harmful to your skin.

Natural fleur de lis is harvested from a variety of plants that grow wild across Europe and France. The plants include chamomile, hellebore, hyssop, mimosa pomona, purple coneflower, white-flowering alsike, salvia hispanica, santolinas, and others. Harvesting for fleur de sel should only be done when the plants are in bloom, for it to be authentic. If it has been harvested late in the year, or is otherwise mislabeled, you will not get the fleur de sel that you were looking for. This variety of fleur de lis is available at your local gardening store or on line at many different websites.

If you want to use fleur de sel as part of a complete hair care routine you can. However, to get the full effect, you need to apply it to all of your hair including the ends. If you were only using fleur de lis to highlight your hair, then you would only be applying a portion of it, leaving the rest of your hair ungroomed. Applying fleur de sel in this fashion will leave your hair smooth and shiny and will disguise any oil build up that you may have within your scalp.

As fleur de lis is a natural hair dye there are no adverse side effects to applying it. The only side effects you may experience is some of the color fading to lighter shades of your original color after application, however if you do not fade to this extent you will not see a difference. For this reason, fleur de salm is a great choice for all hair types, male or female.

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